The Big Comfy Couch

The Big Comfy Couch

7 Seasons

Loonette the clown and her dolly Molly solve everyday problems while residing in the comfort of a large couch. TV-G

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The Big Comfy Couch
  • Apple of My Eye

    Episode 1

    Loonette and Major Bedhead learn that healthy foods are important. At Granny's Cooking School, Loonette, Molly, and Granny make Apple Muffins.

  • Dat's Da Law

    Episode 2

    Loonette learns about the rules and laws, especially MYOF, make your own fun. At the Dojo, Major Bedhead and Granny do the tango, but Loonette wants to do it too.

  • Fibberish Gibberish

    Episode 3

    Loonette tells a tall tale to Molly which angers her. Snicklefritz thinks he's a dog. At Granny's Cooking School, Loonette and Granny really "blend up" things by reminding themselves, you are what you eat.

  • Slow Down, Clown!

    Episode 4

    Loonette is in a super hyper mood and is doing things quickly. At the Dojo, Major Bedhead teaches Loonette how to juggle and that it's important to take things slowly at first.

  • Floppy!

    Episode 5

    Loonette and Molly learn that too much junkies, such as donuts, is not good for you. At Granny's Cooking School, Granny shows Major Bedhead and Loonette how to make a healthy snack.

  • Clown with a Frown

    Episode 6

    Loonette is in a bad mood. It's a rainy day in Clowntown then it clears up which makes Loonette feel better. She also learns that eating too many sweets, like donuts, can lead to a mood swing.

  • Rub-a-Dub

    Episode 7

    Loonette has trouble doing two things at the same time. Granny cleans up her garden. At the Dojo, Major Bedhead and Loonette do exercises.

  • Upside Down Clown

    Episode 8

    Molly plays with an upside down doll. At Granny's Cooking School, Loonette and Granny make a special dessert.

  • The Clown Promise

    Episode 9

    Loonette promises to wiggle and giggle and make mirth on Earth. At the Dojo, Loonette, Major Bedhead, and Molly dance.

  • Lost and Found Clowns

    Episode 10

    Molly tries to find her other doll Bloomette. At Granny's Cooking School, Loonette and Granny make an Upside Down Clown Surprise.

  • Phoney Baloney

    Episode 11

    Loonette learns that telling the truth is the noble thing to do. At the Dojo, Loonette and Major Bedhead do relaxing and calm exercises.

  • Ready, Steady, Go!

    Episode 12

    Uncle Chester teaches everyone that while candy is tasty, it's important to have a good diet and include other foods like vegetables in your diet.

  • Happy Mirthday, Granny!

    Episode 13

    In the thirteenth episode of the hit PBS show, Molly and Loonette try to keep a secret for Granny's mirthday.

  • Popcorn-Y

    Episode 14

    Molly is in a popping mood and can't stop popping. Popcorn flies all over Granny's garden. At the Dojo, Loonette learns how to juggle by going pop pop pop.

  • Peek-a-Boo!

    Episode 15

    In the fifteenth episode of the hit PBS show, it's Molly's first time at Clowndergarten and is shy of meeting all the other little clowns.

  • Ouch!
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    Major Bedhead broke his foot by slipping on a banana peel and summarizes what happened at the Clowntown Hospital. He gets a wheelchair to sit in.

  • Big Blow Hard

    Episode 17

    Loonette and Molly are on their boat they made known as "The Big Comfy Ship" and they are pretending to look for treasure. At Clowndergarden, the clowns play with bubbles.

  • Shh, Shh, Shh, Quiet!

    Episode 18

    Loonette learns to use inside and outside voices. At Clowndergarden, the clowns play the opposite game.

  • Freeze, Please!

    Episode 19

    Molly is in a wiggly mood and learns to stay put. At Clowndergarden, the clowns play the freeze game, listen nicely to Loonette reading a story, and have a puppet show.

  • Clown in the Round

    Episode 20

    At Clowndergarden, Loonette and the clowns discover all about things that are round. The clowns also play with the clock rug parachute and watch a puppet show.

  • Molly's Bellybutton

    Episode 21

    In the twenty-first episode of the hit PBS show, Molly's bellybutton is dangling down. 

  • Just Purrfect

    Episode 22

    In the final episode of the seventh season, Loonette pretends to be a cat. At Clowndergarden, the clowns play "kitty cat".