The Real McCoys

The Real McCoys

6 Seasons

Season 6 Available Now!

From the hills of West Virginia, Amos McCoy moves his family to an inherited farm in California. Grandpa Amos is quick to give advice to his three grandchildren and wonders how his neighbors ever managed without him around.

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The Real McCoys
  • Grampa's Birthday

    Episode 25

    TV-PG. Feeling that he's been forgotten on his birthday, Grampa runs away from home.

  • New Doctor in Town

    Episode 26

    TV-PG. Grampa has a cold, but he doesn't trust the new doctor - or any doctor, for that matter.

  • For Love or Money

    Episode 27

    TV-PG. After Grampa refuses to give him a raise, Pepino quits and goes to work for neighbor George MacMichael.

  • Kate's Career

    Episode 28

    TV-PG. Kate creates a successful dress alteration business at home, much to the consternation of Grampa and the local tailor.

  • When a Fellow Needs a Friend

    Episode 29

    TV-PG. Grampa is in desperate need of character witnesses to testify on his behalf at his parking ticket trial.

  • It Pays to Be Poor

    Episode 30

    TV-PG. The McCoys teach a wealthy couple the joys of simple living.

  • The Life of the Party

    Episode 31

    TV-PG. Grampa thinks he's the life-of-the-party.

  • Three is a Crowd

    Episode 32

    TV-PG. Grampa tries to stop a marriage-minded widow from chasing George.

  • The New Look

    Episode 33

    TV-PG. Luke wants to modernize the farm, but Grampa is against change.

  • Volunteer Fire Department

    Episode 34

    TV-PG. Grampa has his heart set on joining the town's volunteer fire department.

  • You Can't Always Be a Hero

    Episode 35

    TV-PG. Little Luke worships his Grandpa Amos, but when he gets in trouble at school for using Grandpa's colorful language and telling lies the rest of the family tells Amos to set a better example for Little Luke.

  • The Homely Boy

    Episode 36

    TV-PG. Hassie refuses to accept a date with the homeliest boy in class.

  • Her Flaming Youth

    Episode 37

    TV-PG. Scandal erupts when a 30-year-old photo of Flora clad in a scanty swimsuit winds up in a local publication.

  • The Corn Eating Contest

    Episode 38

    TV-PG. Grampa wagers Kate's prize hen, Jenny, on Little Luke winning a corn-eating contest.

  • You're Never Too Old

    Episode 39

    TV-PG. Grampa secretly joins an over-sixties club known as the "Young Old Timers."