Tuttle Twins

Tuttle Twins

12 Episodes

A grandma with a time-traveling wheelchair takes her twin grandkids on hilarious adventures to learn about freedom and economics.

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Tuttle Twins
  • When Laws Give You Lemons

    Episode 1

    TV-PG. When Grandma Gabby moves in with the Tuttle family, she takes her twin grandkids on a wheelchair time machine to France and the Old West to learn about laws and try to save their lemonade stand.

  • War of the Worms

    Episode 2

    TV-PG. A science camp rivalry threatens to destroy Emily’s dreams. Grandma takes the twins to India and a worm battlefield to learn about the golden rule before it’s too late.

  • Pencils, Pirates & Ice Cream People

    Episode 3

    TV-PG. Argh! The twins encounter space pirates, a scotsman and ice cream people as they learn about free trade and why no one can make a pencil by themselves.

  • Of Business and Benjamins

    Episode 4

    TV-PG. With the help of Ben Franklin, the Twins learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and start their own corndog stand.

  • Rising Tides and Dirty Deals

    Episode 5

    TV-G. The Twins learn that big businesses like Big Bob's BBQ can sometimes produce laws that keep smaller businesses like Food Trucks from being able to survive. They visit Atlantis and try to stop the protectionism there before things get too wet.

  • The Inflation Monster

    Episode 6

    TV-G. With their eyes set on a big carnival prize, Ethan and Emily learn that printing more tickets causes prices to rise. They visit Ancent Rome and Modern Zimbabwe to see the Inflation Monster at work then rush back to save the carnival.

  • Cakes, Pies, & Flat Earth Guys

    Episode 7

    TV-G. Even though everyone learned a lot and some people got delicious desserts, Derek is the real winner of this episode, because he found love.

  • Wonky Wages

    Episode 8

    TV-PG. Why doesn’t everyone get equal pay? Join Ethan and Emily as they travel back in time to visit people like Babe Ruth and learn about the economic value that people provide, and the dangers of communism.

  • Dumpsters & Disobedience

    Episode 9

    TV-PG. Ethan and Emily’s film set gets shut down because of a dumb regulation. The twins learn about civilly disobeying unjust laws with the help of Rosa Parks and a funny Boat-Dweller named Doug. This Episode features Dark Dumpster Derek.

  • Roll for Power

    Episode 10

    TV-PG. The Twins learn how surrendering powers to the government during times of calamity almost always results in long-term loss of freedoms. They play a fantastical game "Crisis & Creatures" and learn how to rely on community rather than government to help each other through challenging times.

  • Free Speech Freestyle

    Episode 11

    TV-PG. Karinne is back to causing trouble and this time she’s spreading lies about Ethan. But, with the help of James Madison, the Twins learn what happens when you restrict free speech even if it’s mean or deceptive.

  • The Fight for the Future

    Episode 12

    TV-PG. Desperate to save Grandma Gabby, Ethan and Emily are thrust into a future world where the government runs every part of daily life. Tune in for the epic finale of season 1, an adventure about persuasion vs force as the twins fight for the future.