2 Seasons

Set at the stuffy Highlands Academy of the Arts, this series follows five students who dream of becoming pop stars but run afoul of their detention-loving headmaster. TV-PG

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  • The Wannabes Are Gonna Be

    Episode 1

    TV-G. After getting into trouble at their prestigious boarding schools The Wannabes are formed into an unlikely music act at a mall cafe.

  • Guys Rock Girls Rule

    Episode 2

    TV-G. The guys and girls learn a messy lesson about working together as a team.

  • Tough Cookies

    Episode 3

    TV-G. The Wannabes get a dose of hard reality when they try to pursue their dreams way too soon.

  • Mall Beasts

    Episode 4

    TV-PG. The boys enter a video game contest and learn not to judge a book by its cover, while Mariah realizes that changing the cover does not change the book.

  • Earth Day

    Episode 5

    TV-PG. Mariah goes on a rampage to protect the planet while Mr. Moody tries to protect Sarah from growing up too fast.

  • She Drives Me Crazy

    Episode 6

    TV-PG. Drew learns not to be manipulated by material things and Sarah teaches him to be true to himself.

  • All About Drew

    Episode 7

    TV-PG. Drew discovers friendship is more important than solo stardom while Mariah realizes responsibility is not easy with friends like Andrew.

  • Last Tango At Highlands

    Episode 8

    TV-PG. Andrew teaches Shaylen to never give up while Sarah diligently pursues and catches a recipe thief.

  • Art School of Hard Knocks

    Episode 9

    TV-PG. Sarah learns that growing up is not going to be easy and the gang learns that they have a "real little sister" on their hands.

  • The Candidate

    Episode 10

    TV-PG. Alan decides to run for class president but the popularity goes to his head and he loses focus on what’s really important for the school causing a rift between he and Shaylen.

  • The Plays The Thing

    Episode 11

    TV-PG. A Highlands’ alumnus returns to the freshman play but when her prized jewels go missing, the gang must find the thief before Mr. Pesckow expels one or all of them.

  • Haunted Highlands

    Episode 12

    TV-PG. The gang gets trapped in the school after helping Andrew film a horror movie for a short film contest and life begins to imitate art as the gang gets “scared straight.”

  • Dance Revolution

    Episode 13

    TV-PG. Andrew leads the gang to investigate a secret underground dance club only to find it’s being run by Alan.