Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

8 Seasons

Wild at Heart is the story of an English family who move to the South African bush to set up and run a game reserve. In the beginning of the series, tensions run high, as Danny, a veterinarian who has been widowed, has recently married for second time to Sarah, and teenage daughter Rosie is resentful.

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Wild At Heart
  • Wild At Heart: 401

    Episode 1

    A year has passed since fire engulfed Leopard's Den, and Danny faces further challenges with gaining custody of Evan.

  • Wild At Heart: 402

    Episode 2

    Danny and Evan find a sick hippo and try to save it; Rosie meets the new owner of Mara.

  • Wild At Heart: 403

    Episode 3

    Danny is asked to bring a rabies outbreak under control as Vanessa fears for the animals at Mara.

  • Wild At Heart: 404

    Episode 4

    Rosie and Max finally get married, but gets terrible news when she's injured by an elephant.

  • Wild At Heart: 405

    Episode 5

    Du Plessis notices a rift developing between Rosie and Max and decides to help them.

  • Wild At Heart: 406

    Episode 6

    Du Plessis reveals he's moving to England, devastating the residents of Leopard's Den.

  • Wild At Heart: 407

    Episode 7

    Du Plessis is hailed as South Africa's answer to Crocodile Dundee as guests arrive.

  • Wild At Heart: 408

    Episode 8

    The residents of Leopard's Den visit an auction to buy a giraffe after their own is killed.

  • Wild At Heart: 409

    Episode 9

    Rowan takes charge as the residents try to free Charlotte from beneath the rubble and rescue Danny.

  • Wild At Heart: 410

    Episode 10

    Danny and Alice try to keep their new romance a secret but have more concerns when she's attacked.