Dooley and Pals

Dooley and Pals

38 Episodes

When a new child moves into the neighborhood, Maxx is nervous about meeting her. With the help of Dooley and her friends, Maxx is able to recall when Dooley was the "new kid" on the block and eventually works up the courage to welcome the new friend to the neighborhood. Maxx, Dooley and their pals learn that we can become friends with all sorts of people, no matter how different or similar to us they are. TV-G

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Dooley and Pals
  • Taking Care of Business

    Episode 26

    TV-G The kids would rather play than clean the yard, but when Dooley trips and nearly hurts himself, the children learn that it’s important to take care of responsibilities - and when working with a friend or two, work can be play.

  • The Great Pretender

    Episode 27

    TV-G Mom reads a fairytale to the kids and it triggers fantasies about making wishes. They take turns imagining themselves in different places. When M.A.R.T.I.E has trouble learning to use his imagination the kids teach him how to pretend.

  • Dooley's New Shoes

    Episode 28

    TV-G Chris gets new shoes, but he doesn’t want to wear them; he likes his old shoes. Dooley decides to get new shoes, too, but also has trouble saying goodbye to his old shoes. The kids learn not to be afraid of change.

  • The Five Senses

    Episode 29

    TV-G When M.A.R.T.I.E.’s eye mechanisms go on the blink, the kids lend a helping hand and learn all about their amazing five senses.

  • Things That Go Bump in the Spaceship

    Episode 30

    TV-G When M.A.R.T.I.E. and Dooley think their spaceship is haunted, Nick and Michael seize the opportunity to play some “ghostly” tricks. The boys soon learn that having fun at the expense of others isn’t really fun at all.

  • Dance to Your Own Beat

    Episode 31

    TV-G Dooley and his pals learn about rhythm in a day of song and dance. Chris is afraid he won’t be able to dance as well as his friends, but soon learns that if he follows his own rhythm, he can never go wrong.

  • Great Outdoors

    Episode 32

    TV-G The gang is disappointed when they can’t go along with Nick on his school camping trip. Mom saves the day with a backyard camp-out. Everyone has fun learning about the great outdoors.

  • The Dentist

    Episode 33

    TV-G When Michael gets braces on his teeth, Dooley is curious. The kids teach Dooley all about the dentist.

  • We're All Different

    Episode 34

    TV-G When Dooley and M.A.R.T.I.E. make another “alien faux pas,” they are embarrassed about being different. Through a variety of examples, everyone learns that differences are what make life interesting. We can learn from our differences and enjoy the things we share.

  • Monkey See | Monkey Do

    Episode 35

    TV-G On the day that Dr. Arvid teaches the kids about primates, a game of “monkey see, monkey do” gets out of hand. Chris learns that he needs to think for himself, not blindly follow Nick. Nick learns that he can be a good role model for Chris.

  • When the Chip is Down

    Episode 36

    TV-G When M.A.R.T.I.E.’s memory chip gets stuck, the gang tries to fix him by jogging his memory with tales of the fun the group has shared.

  • I Love a Parade

    Episode 37

    TV-G The kids decide to march in their own parade, but trouble appears when Nick and Kayla both want to lead. In the end, they find a way to share center stage.

  • A Safer Day

    Episode 38

    TV-G When Dooley finds Nick, Mom and Maxx practicing a fire drill, he wants to learn more. The kids organize a “safety day” and everyone learns something new about safety at home.

  • One Tin Robot Rides Away

    Episode 39

    TV-G Pretending to be pirates, the kids follow clues to a hidden treasure. The clues remind them of many fun days playing in the backyard. M.A.R.T.I.E. learns that memories are a more valuable treasure than gold.