Heartland Collection | Remembering Ty

Heartland Collection | Remembering Ty

Look back on the best of Ty and his time at Heartland.

Heartland Collection | Remembering Ty
  • 1304 - The Eye of the Storm

    TV-PG. A dangerous windstorm wreaks havoc on Hudson. While taking refuge in Heartland's old root cellar, mementos from his past lead Jack to reveal a painful secret he's been holding onto. Meanwhile, Amy is worried when Ty braves the storm to confront a vengeful ex-client, risking his life in the...

  • 1305 - Fairytale

    TV-PG. Amy and Ty worry about the impact a surprise visitor will have on Luke. Meanwhile, Georgie bonds with a client horse she'­s caring for, and tries to convince Amy to confront the horse's owner about its wellbeing. Jack helps Tim search for his horse, Champ, who disappeared during the storm,...

  • 1309 - Fight or Flight

    TV-PG. Amy and Ty get unexpected news about Luke just as Amy has to face an upsetting truth about Spartan.

  • Season 13 Finale: 1310 - The Passing of the Torch

    TV-PG. When fears of holding on or letting go grip the family, they look to each other for support.