"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" | The Wedding Collection

"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" | The Wedding Collection

"I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" | The Wedding Collection
  • The Bates Royal Wedding Celebration!

    With 5 weddings under their belt, if the Bates know one thing, it’s weddings! See all the great moments of weddings past – including never before seen footage – from proposals to rings to dresses, and that great moment when they say, “I Do!”

  • Growing Up McGhee | Vow Renewal

    The big day is here! Mia and the girls have a morning of pampering and beautifying, while Ro's Best Boys take him out for the bachelor party he never had! Later, they all gather for an emotion-filled vow renewal to celebrate their love and family!

  • Our Wedding Story: Michaella & Brandon

    Follow Michaella and Brandon's endearing love story to a beautiful wedding ceremony.

  • Our Wedding Story: Josie & Kelton

    Relive Josie and Kelton's beautiful and endearing love story.

  • Our Wedding Story: Whitney & Zach

    Whitney and Zach's touching vow renewal ceremony!

  • Our Wedding Story: Tori & Bobby

    Touching moments from Tori and Bobby's romance-from a sweet courtship and unforgettable proposal.

  • Our Proposal Story: Carlin & Evan

    See all the great moments that led to Evan and Carlin's big day.

  • Christmas with a Prince: Becoming Royal


    One year after Dr. Tasha and Prince Alec met and fell in love, the dashing Prince surprises her with an engagement and a Christmas wedding, all while managing a scheming Princess rival. TV-PG

  • Runaway Christmas Bride


    Betrayed at the altar by her fiance, Kate runs away to a ski resort where she meets Jason, an Olympic downhill skier. Just as things start to heat up between them, Kate's fiance shows up. TV-PG

  • Wedding Do Over


    Wedding planner Abby specializes in fixing weddings that went wrong, but when she is forced to work with her ex-fiance, she questions whether their relationship was the disaster she remembers. TV-G

  • Falling In Love With The Girl Next Door


    Mark and Theresa's love is tested when their overbearing mothers ruin their wedding plans, and possibly their future together. TV-G

  • 4 Wedding Planners


    Three times divorced Miriam runs a wedding planning business with her daughters... straight into the ground, until heartbroken Lily returns home to help save the business before it's too late. TV-PG-D