Say "I Do" | The Wedding Collection

Say "I Do" | The Wedding Collection

Say "I Do" | The Wedding Collection
  • A Very Country Wedding


    In this sequel to A Very Country Christmas, Zane and Jeannette's wedding is delayed due to Zane's crazy tour schedule and the two must overcome paparazzi and rumors to find their way back together.

  • Between Sisters


    Aneesa's baby sister Serena is getting married, and she wants to give her the best wedding present possible. Yet, when she discovers they have two other sisters, Serena decides she wants to find them and have them participate.

  • In The Meantime


    Jazmin “Jazz” Welles is a confident, educated woman who thought her path in life was all laid out in front of her. But when she loses her job, and her fiancé Blac decides they need to take a six-month break from each other, she finds herself drawn to another man.

  • Honeymoon For One


    Rated TV-G. An ambitious advertising executive finds out her fiancé is cheating on her just days before their wedding. She calls things off, but decides to embark on their honeymoon to Ireland solo, where she meets a simple Irishman who shows her love doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • The Perfect Wedding Match


    Romance blossoms when a programmer uses a matchmaking app to find a date for her younger sister's wedding. TV-G

  • Backyard Wedding


    Rated TV-PG. After her marriage to a childhood friend and next door neighbor did not work out, a young woman, while making plans to have her second wedding in her parents backyard comes to the realization that the true love of her life is her former husband.

  • The Wedding Fix


    Reeling from a break-up, professional over-planner Gwen pitches in to help put the finishing touches on her best friend's wedding. But when she's teamed up with best man Josh, a free-spirited nature guide, she finds that pulling together this wedding might not be as easy as she thought. TV-G

  • A Bridesmaid in Love


    Recently single professional bridesmaid and writer Cate James is excited to help her best friend Maxine with her wedding day and is happily surprised to bump into Maxine's handsome brother Matt, who's in town for his sister's wedding. Just as the perfect pair get close, old flames come back into ...

  • Flower Girl


    When a young florist and wedding planner goes from being single and unlucky in love to dating two great men, she is forced to make a decision about her fundamental values about love and family. TV-G

  • Runaway Christmas Bride


    Betrayed at the altar by her fiance, Kate runs away to a ski resort where she meets Jason, an Olympic downhill skier. Just as things start to heat up between them, Kate's fiance shows up. TV-PG

  • Christmas with a Prince: Becoming Royal

    Movie + 2 extras

    One year after Dr. Tasha and Prince Alec met and fell in love, the dashing Prince surprises her with an engagement and a Christmas wedding, all while managing a scheming Princess rival. TV-PG

  • A Ring For Christmas


    Spoiled and cut off 25 days before Christmas, Angie discovers the existence of a sizable trust fund that she will inherit once she gets married, so she looks for a husband - by Christmas. TV-G

  • A Wedding For Christmas


    Haley escapes her small town and builds a life in Los Angeles as a wedding planner. When her sister asks her to plan her wedding, Haley returns home and reunites with a childhood flame. TV-PG

  • Heartland Weddings | Amy & Ty

    TV-PG. Amy and Ty's wedding day has arrived! Lou struggles to pull together the wedding of their dreams, and Jack says goodbye to an old friend.

  • Heartland Weddings | Peter & Lou

    TV-PG. A surprise announcement by Peter throws Lou's wedding plans into disarray while Amy and Ty are forced to make difficult decisions about their futures.

  • Heartland Weddings | Caleb & Ashley

    TV-PG. Transforming a room at Heartland into a nursery for Lou's baby brings an unexpected discovery that has a profound effect on the men of Heartland.

  • Wedding Bliss and a First Kiss

    TV-G. The day that Michaella has been waiting for is here! After months of planning it's a bittersweet moment for the family, who realize she'll be leaving home. 800 guests will arrive to celebrate and see Michaella & Brandon say, "I do" with their first kiss.

  • Tori's Winter Wonderland Wedding

    TV-G. It's a very "Marry" Christmas for the Bates as Tori and Bobby's wedding day is here! Once the vows are exchanged, it's time for the couple's first kiss! Will it be everything they've been waiting for?

  • Summer of Love

    TV-G. It's Wedding time - but who's walking down the aisle? Love is blooming for the Bates, with Carlin finding a "special friend" in Evan. Even the married couples have big news! Will Erin and Chad's family be growing by two?

  • The Bates Royal Wedding Celebration!

    TV-G. With 5 weddings under their belt, if the Bates know one thing, it’s weddings! See all the great moments of weddings past – including never before seen footage – from proposals to rings to dresses, and that great moment when they say, “I Do!”

  • Growing Up McGhee | Vow Renewal

    TV-G. The big day is here! Mia and the girls have a morning of pampering and beautifying, while Ro's Best Boys take him out for the bachelor party he never had! Later, they all gather for an emotion-filled vow renewal to celebrate their love and family!

  • Our Wedding Story: Michaella & Brandon

    TV-G. Follow Michaella and Brandon's endearing love story to a beautiful wedding ceremony.

  • Our Wedding Story: Josie & Kelton

    TV-G. Relive Josie and Kelton's beautiful and endearing love story.

  • Our Wedding Story: Whitney & Zach

    TV-G. Whitney and Zach's touching vow renewal ceremony!