Small Town, Big Mayor

Small Town, Big Mayor

10 Episodes

D'Lo, Miss., is a quaint town of just a few hundred people that seems to be straight out of the 1950s -- nobody locks their doors and everyone seemingly knows everyone. The town faces some major problems, though, as Main Street is shut down and people are leaving the small town at alarming rates. It's getting to the point where D'Lo may cease to exist at some point in the future. Mayor John Henry Berry, a fourth-generation D'Lo resident, has made it his mission to reverse the town's downward trend. The white suit-wearing mayor campaigned on the promise of returning D'Lo to its former glory and has four years to get it done. He has developed a 95-point plan he thinks can save the town, but his efforts are complicated by the demands required of him by his other duties. Just some of those duties include being the town arbitrator, dogcatcher, sewer repairman and volunteer fireman.

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Small Town, Big Mayor
  • Point No. 49: Renovate the Old Museum

    Episode 1

    TV-G. This small town mayor with a big personality has an ambitious 95 point plan to save his home-town of D'Lo Mississippi and return it to its former glory.

  • Point No. 25: Legalize Golf Carts

    Episode 2

    TV-G. Mayor John Henry Berry journeys to the State Legislature to propose a bill that would legalize golf carts on the streets of D'Lo; Ruth's leadership style chafes residents and turns D'Lo on its head.

  • Point No. 44: Go Green

    Episode 3

    TV-G. Mayor Berry introduces a green initiative for D'Lo with recycling, solar power and a herd of goats to "mow" the lawn. But will his money-saving effort go awry when the goats escape and the rampaging beasts terrorize the town and its residents?

  • Point No. 51: Recruit New Firefighters

    Episode 4

    TV-G. The Mayor tries to lure his son into the volunteer fire department by inviting residents to compete in a fireman Olympics; the Mayor's other son comes to visit from the big city.

  • Point No. 83: Build a Library

    Episode 5

    TV-G. D'Lo was once home to a wonderful public library, but then the roof caved in; Mayor Berry is on a mission to build a new library - but in an unorthodox way.

  • Point No. 6: Build the Kids a Place to Play

    Episode 6

    TV-G. After finding some children playing in the dangerous abandoned mill, Mayor Berry launches an ambitious project to build a Frisbee golf course for D'Lo.

  • Point No. 9: Start a World Class Festival

    Episode 7

    TV-G. Mayor John Henry Berry attempts to create a world class festival in D'Lo, in honor of a famous movie that was filmed in the town's waterpark, but persuading a celebrity guest to attend proves more difficult than expected.

  • Point No. 36: Boost Town Revenue

    Episode 8

    TV-G. When Mayor Berry launches an initiative to boost sales at the D'Lo truck stop, the rival gas station down the road fights back against his attempts to steal their customers, and that's how the D'Lo truck stop war begins!

  • Point No. 60: Get Fit

    Episode 9

    TV-G. The Mayor creates a Get Fit campaign to whip the town into shape; the yoga and martial arts classes don't go over well with residents, putting the entire plan in jeopardy.

  • Point No. 95: Crowdfund D'Lo

    Episode 10

    TV-G. Mayor Berry comes up with an audacious plan to crowd fund money and save the historic landmark, complete with a musical number in D'Lo.