Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

The Sniper


Up Next in Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye - Season 2

  • Homeland Security

    When Myles’ prized painting is discovered to be a forgery, it becomes his all-consuming mission to personally track down the man responsible. A routine traffic accident reveals a startling piece of a terrorist plot – but can the team put all the pieces of the puzzle together before Al Qaeda opera...

  • Cold Case

    Sue tries to honor a dying woman’s request that her daughter’s killer be brought to justice – but makes a disturbing discovery in the process. Meanwhile, Bobby, Jack and Myles have a good natured competition over who can draw the highest bids as the dream dates for a charity auction.

  • The Newlywed Game

    In an effort to get close to a suburban husband and wife suspected of having terrorist ties, Sue and Jack go undercover – as a married couple. In a related case, Bobby, Dimitrius, Tara and Myles discover a previously unknown terrorist sleeper cell – but are stymied in figuring out the suspects’ p...