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Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

Up Next in The Committee - Season 1

  • Innovation

    TV-PG. During the heated debate over the favorite Compass Committee snackâ"donuts or fruit platterâ"the lights go out! Literally. Searching in the dark, The Committee discovers how antiquated the church is.

  • Small Groups

    TV-PG. When our favorite well-intended Choir Director Glenda attempts to clarifyâ"â"We are a committee, not a small group"â"it only baffles newest member Daniel all the more. Leave it to perceptible Chuck to redirect the befuddled â"small group" into better understanding one of the most important...

  • Children & Families in Church

    TV-PG. Daniel's daughter Andrea visits The Committee, illuminating how ineffectively at times the church engages children and their families. The younger student's point of view forces old-school Mr. Riley and the rest of the round table to take inventory as a faith community.