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Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family


302 - The Set-Up


Up Next in Mystic - Season 3

  • 303 - The Challenger

    TV-PG. Issie's reckless behaviour has disastrous consequences for one of the KP team. Gordon's intrigued when Issie draws a sea serpent statue that she's seen in her visions.

    Episode 304, "The Double-Cross," premieres Thursday, November 2nd.

  • 304 - The Double Cross

    TV-PG. As the gang plot to unmask the trawler operation, they find evidence suggesting someone local is in league with the crew. Meanwhile, Issie confides in Gordon about her visions.

    Episode 305, "The Downfall," premieres Thursday, November 9th.

  • 305 - The Downfall

    TV-PG. A betrayal by Tom shatters the KP team, jeopardising their chance of competing at the champs. Caleb and Mitch investigate Gordon and Issie finally speaks her mind to Dan.

    Episode 306, "The Conspiracy." premieres Thursday, November 16th.