Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

8 Seasons

Wild at Heart is the story of an English family who move to the South African bush to set up and run a game reserve. In the beginning of the series, tensions run high, as Danny, a veterinarian who has been widowed, has recently married for second time to Sarah, and teenage daughter Rosie is resentful.

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Wild At Heart
  • Wild At Heart: 201

    Episode 1

    The Trevanion family are hosting their first wedding reception at Leopard's Den. At Mara, Tate hunts a white rhino with tragic consequences.

  • Wild At Heart: 202

    Episode 2

    It's the grand-reopening of Mara and a British charity is using the event to release a cape vulture back into the wild. But when Fatani forces Danny to compromise his principles the vulture sustains a serious injury.

  • Wild At Heart: 203

    Episode 3

    Du Plessis has to confront a few ghosts when a young man arrives at Leopard's Den claiming to be his son. But when a guest's expensive camera goes missing, Rosie and Danny question the young man's identity.

  • Wild At Heart: 204

    Episode 4

    Leopard's Den is under annual inspection from Nature Conservation. But Danny's efforts to pass are thwarted when he discovers Fatani is draining their water hole.

  • Wild At Heart: 205

    Episode 5

    Danny's old tutor and mentor, Bash, arrives to help grow the vet practice. When he botches an operation on a cheetah and brings a poisonous snake into the house, Danny has to make some tough choices.

  • Wild At Heart: 206

    Episode 6

    Sarah gets a shock when her mum Caroline turns up uninvited. The family harmony is disrupted when she interferes with two celebrity guests and opens old wounds for Sarah.

  • Wild At Heart: 207

    Episode 7

    Sarah and Danny's marriage is tested when Sarah's ex husband Simon comes to Leopard's Den to get married. But when Danny has a near fatal accident, they realise the value of what they've got.

  • Wild At Heart: 208

    Episode 8

    Caroline's had enough of life on Leopard's Den. But when a plane crash lands she finds the pilot and his pet chimp a welcome distraction. Meanwhile Danny is undertaking a drugs trial until the outbreak of a mystery virus threatens to destroy the farm.

  • Wild At Heart: 209

    Episode 9

    It's Du Plessis' 60th birthday but he's been diagnosed with Angina and doesn't feel like celebrating. Danny tries to keep Du Plessis active by involving him in his lion breeding programme but an attempt to inseminate a lioness ends in tragedy.

  • Wild At Heart: 210

    Episode 10

    Du Plessis regains consciousness and returns home. Meanwhile Danny is plagued by nightmares of the lion attack. Sarah fears he's suffering a breakdown and considers their future at Leopard's Den.