Animals are People Too!

Animals are People Too!

6 Episodes

You will meet a dog that loves to scuba dive. Say hello to Mucho Mucho Chihuahua, the star of Taco Bell commercials. There's a dog that loves to ride Harleys. Spend a day bargain-hunting with a penguin that does its own shopping. Winner of the "Kids First! Award," these 67 stories will make you laugh and admire those animals that perform life-saving feats. All this and more with Alan Thicke as host will convince anybody watching that "Animals are People Too!"

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Animals are People Too!
  • Furry Sensations

    Episode 1

    Animals at the San Diego Zoo perform wacky stunts.

  • Creature Features

    Episode 2

    Humans and animals can learn to understand each other.

  • Wild Wonders

    Episode 3

    A shopping penguin; paralyzed dog uses wheelchair; a bowling dog; a cat-loving bear; former circus elephant; police dog; giraffes.

  • Funtastic Friends

    Episode 4

    A singing dog; killer whales; lizards; donkey has a prosthetic leg; avalanche rescue dogs; cats; animal clinic; snow monkeys.

  • Paws Applause

    Episode 5

    Dog wedding with a minister presiding; Lab devoted to girl with brittle bone disease; polar bear with a human friend; cat model.

  • Pets Spectacular

    Episode 6

    Canine artist; Moose ("Frasier"); monkey acts as owner's aid; turtle races; dolphin-human therapy; pugs.