BJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories

BJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories

25 Episodes

The creation of the world from the mouth of a lovable bear who can't wait to share his Bible stories.

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BJ's Teddy Bear Club and Bible Stories
  • Creation

    Episode 1

    TV-G. BJ tells his little friends about the first story of the Bible. It's all about how God actually made the world.

  • David & Goliath

    Episode 2

    TV-G. BJ tells his wonderful little friends about a brave boy in the Bible who stood up for his friends against a giant bully.

  • Noah and the Ark

    Episode 3

    TV-G. BJ tells his story of how God sent a giant rainstorm to destroy everything and everybody because they were very, very bad, except for one person by the name of Noah.

  • The Story of Adam & Eve

    Episode 4

    TV-G. BJ tells his little buddies about the beautiful Garden of Eden. This is the place God created for Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman, to live.

  • Joseph and His Brothers

    Episode 5

    TV-G. BJ tells his pals about a boy named Joseph whose father made him a coat of many colors. Joseph's brothers treat him badly, but God takes care of Joseph.

  • Tower of Babel

    Episode 6

    TV-G. BJ tells the story of a giant tower built with the people's bare hands in hopes that it would reach Heaven.

  • The Story of Daniel

    Episode 7

    TV-G. BJ tells the story of how God gave a special gift to a young boy named Daniel: the gift of explaining things.

  • The Prodigal Son

    Episode 8

    TV-G. BJ tells the story about a man who had two sons. One son left home and wasted away all he had, then returned home where his father and brother celebrated him.

  • Jonah and the Whale

    Episode 9

    TV-G. BJ tells the story about the courage of a man named Jonah. Can you believe it? He was swallowed by a whale!

  • The Story of a Good Samaritan

    Episode 10

    TV-G. BJ tells the story of a young Hebrew man who was badly hurt, and no one wanted to help him. But as the story unfolds, it teaches us why we should all be good neighbors.

  • The Story of Samson

    Episode 11

    TV-G. BJ tells the story about a man who was very, very strong until his hair was cut.

  • The Story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

    Episode 12

    TV-G. BJ tells the story about how Joshua listened to God's plan for him and his people. By obeying God's word, Joshua and the Israelites conquered the city of Jericho.

  • The Story of Moses

    Episode 13

    TV-G. BJ tells the story of how Moses delivered God's chosen people from Egypt and took them on a journey through the wilderness for forty years.

  • Story of Abraham

    Episode 14

    TV-G Straight from our favorite bear: the story of the first man to believe in God and how he started something remarkable.

  • Story of Isaac and Rebekah

    Episode 15

    TV-G Our best bear buddy tells us about how the son of Abraham was brought together with Rebekah. What happened next? BJ lets us know.

  • Story of Lot

    Episode 16

    TV-G Two evil cities and what God does about it. BJ and his buddies are oh-so-excited to share this special story with you.

  • Story of Elijah

    Episode 17

    TV-G BJ's retelling of the story of a great prophet and how he had to work hard to do the best job he could for God.

  • Story of Job

    Episode 18

    TV-G A lesson in faith and how (and why) to be devoted to God. Our best bear friend shares one of his favorites about Job.

  • Story of Esther

    Episode 19

    TV-G A young girl who became a hero just by using smarts and bravery. Sit down with BJ as he tells us all about it.

  • Story of Jacob

    Episode 20

    TV-G Brothers playing tricks? BJ the teddy bear gives us the scoop on what it means to be brotherly (and what it doesn't).

  • Story of Achan

    Episode 21

    TV-G A story about a greedy man who caused a lot of problems for one tribe. Our favorite bear tells all with this story about Achan.

  • Story of Balaam (and the Talking Donkey)

    Episode 22

    TV-G A mule that was given the power to speak from God? You'll want to hear all about it from BJ Teddy and his buddies.

  • Story of Gideon

    Episode 23

    TV-G A story about an unlikely hero who was chosen to lead an army, as told by a cuddly bear who loves to tell stories.

  • Story of Joash

    Episode 24

    TV-G A child king who proves his will over his size. BJ, our favorite bear, can't wait for you to hear this unforgettable story.