Eyewitness Bible Servant of God

Eyewitness Bible Servant of God

6 Episodes

The Servant of God Series is a collection of six narratives. They define what it means to be a servant and suggest some ways to be a servant of God.

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Eyewitness Bible Servant of God
  • Servant of God | Angel of the Plagues

    Episode 1

    TV-G. Do you want to know who will be with God for all eternity? A simple way to know is to turn to Revelation 22:1-11. In these verses, one of the seven angels of the last plagues shows John a portion of New Jerusalem. The inhabitants are servants of God and Jesus.

  • What is a Servant? | Eliezer

    Episode 2

    TV-G. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, the New Testament was written in Greek, many of the people in the New Testament primarily spoke Aramaic, and you speak another language. There is no doubt that there are challenges translating words and concepts between languages. Since being a serva...

  • Resources | Moses

    Episode 3

    TV-G. One of the quickest ways to choose how you can serve God is to clearly ascertain the resources God has already provided you, and be imaginative in the ways they can be used.

  • Worship Him Only | Mary

    Episode 4

    TV-G. Mary explains that servants of God worship him and him only.

  • Follow Jesus | Andrew

    Episode 5

    TV-G. It is recorded at least a dozen times in the New Testament that Jesus told people to follow him. In one sad case, the rich young ruler chose not to follow Jesus because he didn’t want to give up his many possessions. Consequently, he went away a sad man.

  • Accused | Joshua the Priest

    Episode 6

    TV-PG-D. Joshua the Priest describes how servants of God get accused for obeying God.