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Exclusive Season 15 - ONLY on UP Faith & Family
This sprawling family saga takes place right on the range where an unfortunate tragedy has glued a family together to pull them through life's thick and thin moments. Follow young Amy Fleming as she slowly discovers she possesses her now-deceased mother's ability to aid injured horses, and her relationships with those who are trying to get by one day at a time.

Season 15 Release Schedule:
SEASON PREMIERE: Episode 1 - Moving Toward the Light | March 17th
Episode 2 - Runaway | March 24th
Episode 3 - Bad Moon Rising | March 31st
Episode 4 - Sins of a Father | April 7th
Episode 5 - Blood and Water | April 14th
Episode 6 - Happy Ever After | April 21st
Episode 7 - Bluebird | April 28th
Episode 8 - Brand New Day | May 5th
Episode 9 - The Long Game | May 12th
SEASON FINALE: Episode 10 - Leaving a Legacy | May 19th

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  • Homecoming

    Episode 1

    TV-PG. Ty returns home, but not to the homecoming he or Amy were hoping for.

  • What Dreams May Become

    Episode 2

    TV-PG. Amy works to uncover the problems with Nick's horse while Ty and Scott try to heal the polo horses that are ill.

  • Road Curves

    Episode 3

    TV-PG. Amy is forced to put on a joint show with Chase.

  • Graduation

    Episode 4

    TV-PG. Amy is offered a full scholarship for an Equine program after graduation, but she has trouble making a decision without her mom by her side.

  • Where the Truth Lies

    Episode 5

    TV-PG. Amy and Ty convince the town hermit to let them treat her sick horse and face her own ghosts.

  • Win, Place or Show

    Episode 6

    TV-PG. Tim convinces Amy to ride Lightning Dexter in a hotly contested stakes race.

  • Jackpot!

    Episode 7

    TV-PG. Caleb and an old friend partner up to try to win the prize money for a team roping competition.

  • One Day

    Episode 8

    TV-PG. During a horse clinic with a group of prisoners Amy meets an old friend of Ty's.

  • Local Hero

    Episode 9

    TV-PG. Rustlers from the past reappear when Ty and Amy find Tim's stolen cattle.

  • Mood Swings

    Episode 10

    TV-PG. Ty's travel buddies return to Heartland causing a change in Ty's living arrangements.

  • Family Business

    Episode 11

    TV-PG. Caleb and Ty hustle money at the local pool hall while Lightning Dexter is the prize in a claiming race.

  • Heartland Weddings | Caleb & Ashley

    Episode 12

    TV-PG. Transforming a room at Heartland into a nursery for Lou's baby brings an unexpected discovery that has a profound effect on the men of Heartland.

  • The Road Home

    Episode 13

    TV-PG. Jack gives some sage advice to Ty, but the question is, will he take it.

  • Leap of Faith

    Episode 14

    TV-PG. An accident at Heartland by an impulsive girl brings legal problems for the ranch.

  • The River

    Episode 15

    TV-PG. Amy has an accident, caused by a bear, while out riding Spartan and Ty comes to the rescue.

  • Never Surrender

    Episode 16

    TV-PG. Amy sees and opportunity to re-train a horse and the paralyzed military vet who is an ex-rodeo star.

  • Burning Down The House

    Episode 17

    TV-PG. Tim decides to sell his ranch and move to California but an unknown son appears and his plans are put on hold.

  • Passages

    Episode 18

    TV-PG. The true strength of the team of Amy and Ty become apparent with an emergency at Heartland.