Just for Laughs Gags

Just for Laughs Gags

32 Episodes

On this hidden-camera prank show, everyday people get caught up in gags with hilarious consequences.

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Just for Laughs Gags
  • Head Banging Fun

    Episode 1

    The Karate Klutz, Leaky Statues, Chocolate Covered Gags

  • Fall Down Funny

    Episode 2

    A Hairy Situation, Popping Peanuts, The Human Hamster

  • She’s a Knockout

    Episode 3

    Fish batter-up, The Wheel of Misfortune, Polly Want a Diaper?

  • Nothing to Sneeze At

    Episode 4

    German Shepard Chauffer, Gross Out Granny, Life’s a Hitch

  • Little Park of Horrors

    Episode 5

    When Chickens Fly, Photo Bomber Jacket, A Gag Most Foul

  • The Ultimate Spit Take

    Episode 6

    Chihuahua Joyride, The Boulder and The Beautiful, He’s All Thumbs

  • Run Away Comedy

    Episode 7

    The Littlest Bank Robbers, Guerilla Wedding, That’s no Bull, dog

  • Dog’s Best Friend

    Episode 8

    Touchier Screen Technology, Give Me a Hand, Sleeping Baby Race

  • Teetering on Hysterics

    Episode 9

    The Invisible Tiger, Ear Fullicious, How Not to Practice Fire Safety

  • The Great Comedy Caper

    Episode 10

    Stuffed Dog vs. Hot Dog, Buzzy Bee, Chicken Tartare

  • Turning the Tables

    Episode 11

    Super Juicer, Meat Expectations, Things That Totally Suck

  • Nothing Up His Cape

    Episode 12

    Magical Pranks, Lobster Launch, Really Fast Food

  • Above Par Pranks

    Episode 13

    Smothered in Laughs, Hysterical Pregnancy, Quit Golfing Around

  • Car of the Year

    Episode 14

    T-bone Tot, Bride and Seek, Grandpa Flips Over It

  • Jig and Jiggle

    Episode 15

    Knock-out Grandma, To Serve, Protect and Dance, A Really Scary Scarecrow

  • License to Prank

    Episode 16

    Mock of Seagulls, Brownie Buster, The Postman Only Pranks Twice

  • Ride of a Lifetime

    Episode 17

    The Gag Salon, When Elephants Attack, Mulch Ado About Nothing

  • Dead Standstill

    Episode 18

    Coffin Traffic, Show and Smell, Law and Order: Seasonal Fruit Unit

  • A Real Drag
    Episode 19

    A Real Drag

    Episode 19

    Quit Foaling Around, The Pranking of the Guard, Attack of The Recycling Bin

  • I Beam You Scream

    Episode 20

    A New Leash on Life, Milking the Gag, The Brief Case of the Briefcase

  • Classical Gags

    Episode 21

    Straight Outta Piggly-Wiggly, Pranky Pines, These Boots are Made for Fishin'

  • Caution: Wild Gorilla

    Episode 22

    Puddles of Pun, Head of the Microwave, Jack in the Portapotty

  • Orange is the New Gag

    Episode 23

    Head Over Heels Bride, Walking the Prank, A Hole Lot of Funny

  • Recycling Grandma

    Episode 24

    Free Falling Fries, Mermaid Baby, Heavy Medal