18 Episodes

TV-14. Widower Ned Logan struggles to raise his family alone while upholding the legacy of running a prestigious Kentucky horse farm.

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  • Masquerade

    Episode 18

    TV-14. Clay and Jeremy set out to find the truth about Charlotte.

  • Where Spirit Lives

    Episode 17

    TV-14. Clay may jeopardize his chances in the derby by overtraining his horse; Jeremy finds a backer for his new business venture.

  • A House Divided

    Episode 16

    TV-14. Ned's new wife tampers with Sean's accounting records; Jeremy begins spending time with another woman.

  • A New Beginning

    Episode 15

    TV-14. Ned proposes to a young woman with a mysterious past; Alice and Jeremy argue over keeping their relationship secret.

  • Winter's Storm

    Episode 14

    TV-14. Jeremy faces a an assault charge, jeopardizing his new relationship with Alice.

  • The Rivals

    Episode 13

    TV-14. Sean negotiates a land deal between the railroad and the state, while the railroad agent steals Marita's heart.

  • Just Kissed

    Episode 12

    TV-14. Alice is torn between Jeremy and a suave Spanish horseman, in town to compete in a race.

  • Full House

    Episode 11

    TV-14. Jeremy gambles at a new casino in town, risking his family's prize horse.

  • Winner's Circle

    Episode 10

    TV-14-D. Alice agrees to marry Sean's suave college friend without getting to know him.

  • Homecoming

    Episode 9

    TV-14. Ned is left in a coma after an accident with a horse.

  • The Big Fix

    Episode 8

    TV-14. Sean decides to run for an Assembly seat against William Winters, who refuses to play by the rules.

  • Kind Eye

    Episode 7

    TV-14. William Winters asks Clay to race his thoroughbred when Clay's horse is injured before a big race.

  • The Search Party

    Episode 6

    TV-14-V. The Logans organize a search party when Jeremy's unstable mother kidnaps Lexy.

  • Emma
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    TV-14. Jeremy meets his birth mother, who has a secret; Clay does business with a disreputable man; disease threatens Sean's tobacco crop.

  • Brother Love

    Episode 4

    TV-14. The Logans step in to help Vivian after Asa is shot; Alice hires a desperate woman.

  • Blood Relative

    Episode 3

    TV-14. An estranged aunt makes a surprise visit to the Logans; Ned sends Clay and Jeremy to a horse auction with a large sum of money.

  • Tango

    Episode 2

    TV-14-V. Alice and Jeremy consider options for partners at the debutante ball; the Logan boys learn who set their barn afire.

  • The Gift

    Episode 1

    TV-14. A tobacco farmer in post-Civil War Kentucky raises horses and has high hopes for his family's future.