The Holderness Family

The Holderness Family

4 Episodes

Penn and Kim Holderness both used to work in local TV news -- he was a sports anchor, she was a reporter -- but they are most famous for the "Xmas Jammies" YouTube video they made with their young children that has been viewed more than 15 million times. The success of the clip inspired them to launch a home-based company that creates comedic videos for clients in need of a new way to advertise their businesses. This series follows the couple as they work together and raise children Lola and Penn Charles. With each project, viewers get a look at the creative process, whether it's a viral video of the family or a client's custom spot. Each episode concludes with the premiere of a video.

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The Holderness Family
  • Mommy and Daddy Time

    Episode 1

    While Penn and Kim Holderness prepare to produce a new hit video, the entire family gets the flu, giving the term viral video a whole new meaning.

  • A PAWfect Match

    Episode 2

    Penn and Kim prepare a humorous take on pet adoption for PAWfect Match, a nonprofit pet rescue and adoption service.

  • Happy Holderween

    Episode 3

    The family plans an all-out monster mash bash before their big move with costume-clad friends.

  • Christmas Jammy Jam

    Episode 4

    The Holderness family is having trouble getting in the spirit; Christmas Jammies video; a Christmas Party in the spirit of the season.