The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club

3 Seasons

The story of three heroines, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality, but share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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The Saddle Club
  • The Saddle Club

    Episode 1

    Lisa's first day at Pine Hollow Stables is a disaster until she's befriended by Carole and Stevie, who come together to form the Saddle Club.

  • Work Horses

    Episode 2

    When Carole learns that the local thoroughbred breeder plans to send his injured horse, Prancer, to the slaughterhouse, the Saddle Club take desperate action to save the animal.

  • Trail Ride Part I

    Episode 3

    When the Pine Hollow Stables go on an overnight mountain trail, Veronica's attracted to Phil, the property owner's son, but he only has eyes for Stevie. Veronica arranges to "get lost" so that Phil will rescue her, but her make-believe comes true.

  • Trail Ride Part II

    Episode 4

    When Veronica's horse, Cobalt, returns to camp riderless, the Saddle Club, together with Phil, put themselves in danger to rescue Veronica.

  • Horse Shy

    Episode 5

    Stevie and Carole vow to teach Lisa to canter, but she only conquers her fear when she has to canter for help to save her friends.

  • Mystery Weekend

    Episode 6

    When Phil and his Pony Club come to Pine Hollow to participate in a mystery weekend to raise funds, they discover there is a real thief in their midst and the Saddle Club set out to catch the culprit.

  • School Horse

    Episode 7

    Max reversed his decision to sell Prancer after the horse saves the girls from certain death by killing a poisonous snake.

  • Star Quality

    Episode 8

    The girls have to teach teenage heart-throb Skye Ransom how to ride to save his movie career.

  • Herdbound

    Episode 9

    When Lisa's mother decides to enroll her in boarding school, Carole and Stevie convince her it is time she stood up for herself and confront her mother.

  • Greener Pastures Part I

    Episode 10

    Carole is devastated when Cobalt is fatally injured through Veronica's negligence.

  • Greener Pastures Part II

    Episode 11

    Carole comes to terms with her mother's death and the loss of Cobalt and she discovers Delilah is pregnant by Cobalt.

  • Jumping to Conclusions

    Episode 12

    Phil solves the mystery of Prancer's altered personality and sluggish performance.

  • Set up
    Episode 13

    Set up

    Episode 13

    The girls become involved in Max's blossoming relationship with Deborah.

  • Over the Bit

    Episode 14

    Red's runaway cousin, Liam, causes disruption at Pine Hollow, but redeems himself when he helps Lisa who is in grave danger from acute appendicitis.

  • Gift Horse

    Episode 15

    The birth of Delilah's foal helps the Saddle Club girls solve their differences.

  • Flying Chance

    Episode 16

    A horse switch plan by the Saddle Club girls goes awry and Stevie and Phil call a truce.

  • Found Horse Part I

    Episode 17

    Stevie tracks down a legendary 'phantom horse' that has been roaming the countryside. She rescues the neglected mare, names her Belle and is going to keep her.

  • Found Horse Part II

    Episode 18

    Stevie was to return a reluctant Belle to its owner. When the mare escapes, Stevie finds her and the pair are allowed to stay reunited.

  • Jump Off

    Episode 19

    Carole's role as best junior rider at Pine Hollow is threatened with the arrival of Andrea Barry - and she has to make an important decision when an opportunity arises which would allow her to win the Dressage Competition.

  • Across the Board

    Episode 20

    Veronica bets Carole that she can do her own work for the day if Carole can stay away from the Saddle Club for the same period. The loser leaves Pine Hollow.

  • Track Record

    Episode 21

    Max fires Red for neglecting his duties when a fire starts in the barn, endangering all the horses.

  • First Refusal

    Episode 22

    City girl Deborah proposes to Max and he accepts.

  • Horse Play

    Episode 23

    The girls arrange a "Fright Night" for the annual costume party but are really terrified when they encounter a ghost and Lisa and Carole disappear.

  • High Horse

    Episode 24

    Kristi gets a "big head" when told she is a natural horse whisperer and is going to be a part of a television show, but the Saddle Club and a horse make her see sense.