Christmas is Always in Season

  • The Christmas Reunion

    "A Heartwarming story of Forgiveness, redemption, love, and faith." - The Dove Foundation.

    The midwest town of Cave City, Kentucky is preparing for its annual Christmas festival, when festivities are disrupted by a sudden snow storm. While sitting out the blizzard a group of former friends, ...

  • Girlfriends of Christmas Past


    When three hilarious, strong-willed women join forces to seek the ultimate revenge on their cheating ex at his upcoming holiday retreat, lovestruck event planner Livvy meets Carter, the charming colleague organizing it all, leaving Livvy to question if she can leave off their revenge scheme long ...

  • A Christmas Kiss


    After a spontaneous kiss, a struggling designer ends up falling in love with her demanding boss's boyfriend as she decorates his home for a Christmas party.

  • Christmas For A Dollar


    In the midst of the Depression, the Kamp family is struggling, especially after Mrs. Kamp's death. Now little Ruthie, with her mother gone and her father overwhelmed by doctor bills, expects another Christmas without presents or festivities.

  • Naughty and Nice


    A cynical radio host is banished to Nebraska, where he has an on-air spat with a hopeless romantic. Soon, their antagonistic relationship sparks the interest of the whole town.

  • Guess Who's Coming to Christmas


    To repair his tarnished image, a jaded rock star publicly decides to fulfill a child's "Dear Santa" Christmas wish.

  • A Puppy for Christmas


    After adopting a cute puppy, Noelle's world is turned upside down when her boyfriend breaks up with her. After accepting an invitation to spend the holidays with a co-worker, she is surrounded by the Christmas cheer of a happy family.

  • 12 Days of Giving


    A man who wins a small fortune decides to share his winnings by acting as a Secret Santa to people in a small town.

  • 3 Holiday Tails


    Old flames reunite and sparks are reignited at Christmastime in Florida, but the man is already engaged to another woman so a recently retired couple try to intervene with the help of their dogs

  • Love for Christmas


    Heather is a charming, free spirit and Bobby is a naval officer home from serving overseas. Thanks to a fun-filled theater production of "A Christmas Carol," these two unlucky and unlikely people end up falling in love at Christmas.

  • Beverly Hills Christmas


    With help from a guardian angel, a spoiled and very materialistic teenage girl learns that true value is found in assisting others and not in material things.

  • Christmas Child


    As Christmas draws near, Jack finds himself disconnecting from the holidays, his job and ultimately his wife. A mysterious photograph leads him to a small Texas town, where he learns about his past.

  • Christmas Oranges


    Baby Rose was left at Greenwoods Orphanage, where Mrs. Hartley and the children under her care became the young child's family. But when tragedy strikes, Rose loses the only home she has ever known and is abruptly shipped to Irongates.

  • Mandie And The Forgotten Christmas


    Thrust into the chaotic and unfamiliar world of a boarding school at Christmas, Mandie finds herself hounded by new rules and regulations at every turn.

  • A Child's Christmas


    An old man takes a young boy on a colorful, animated adventure back to the Christmas of his youth.

  • A Child's Christmas in Wales


    It's Christmas Eve! Thomas, a young boy, is both excited and disappointed because it's raining instead of snowing. His grandfather gives him a snow globe and starts recounting his own childhood Christmas memories. When Thomas finally falls asleep, his grandfather opens the bedroom window and sees...

  • An Old-Fashioned Christmas


    You will be enchanted by all you see and all you hear. An hour and a half of your favorite Christmas songs come alive in a beautiful program that captures the joyous images of the season.

  • Saint Street


    Percy has found himself caught up in the riches of the world and is neglecting his most prized possession. In a tragic event, Percy faces humble circumstances after losing his family, job, and home. 

  • The Last Straw


    During the Christmas season, a mom grows tired of her children's constant bickering. To get everyone into the holiday spirit, she lets them help build a nest for Baby Jesus one piece of straw at a time when they do something nice.

  • Merry Christmas, Baby!


    Marci throws herself into preparing for Christmas and building her new event-planning business. But when the business gets off to a rocky start and members of her family face their own hardships, Marci steps up to help everyone have a good holiday.

  • Gaither Presents Homecoming Christmas From South America

    Homecoming Christmas from South Africa was recorded before an enthusiastic audience in Johannesburg, South Africa and first released in September of 2006.

  • Gaither Presents Christmas In the Country

    The Homecoming Friends recall Christmases long, long ago, while showcasing familiar Christmas Carols and new Gaither-penned songs like "Come And See What's Happenin'." The Old Friends Quartet fronted by Jake Hess and George Younce makes its debut, and Bill pays tribute to the pioneers of Southern...

  • Marry Us for Christmas


    A year after they finally declared their love for each other, Marci and Blair are getting ready to tie the knot! But with work deadlines, old rivalries and one former fake fiance to deal with, Marci hasn't had to time to start planning their wedding. To make matters worse Stephanie, Marci's mom, ...

  • Marry Me For Christmas


    Marci Jewel is a successful ad executive who is happy with her career-oriented life, but all of her cousins are married with babies and her mother, Stephanie, is pouring on the pressure for her daughter to find a man.