Mystic | Binge All of Season 3 Now

Mystic | Binge All of Season 3 Now

Mystic | Binge All of Season 3 Now
  • Mystic
    3 seasons


    3 seasons

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    Issie Brown has just moved to New Zealand with her mother and is struggling to fit in. Missing her pals, an encounter with a wild pony and an enigmatic stallion awakens an interest in horses and introduces Issie to a group of horse-loving tee...

  • Season 3 Finale: 308 - The Spoils

    TV-PG. Gordon's missing but it's Champs Day and the future of the rescue centre is on the line. Will the KP team give up their chance of glory to help Issie find her grandfather?

  • 307 - The Serpent

    TV-PG. As Kauri Point celebrates 'The Night of the Big Fish', it's not just dolphins who are drawn to the bay. Has Gordon really abandoned his quest to find the sea serpent statue?

    The Season 3 Finale: Episode 308, "The Spoils," premieres Thursday, November 30th.

  • 306 - The Conspiracy

    TV-PG. Amanda decides to give Gordon a chance just as Issie starts doubting him.

    Episode 307, "The Serpent." premieres Thursday, November 23rd.

  • 305 - The Downfall

    TV-PG. A betrayal by Tom shatters the KP team, jeopardising their chance of competing at the champs. Caleb and Mitch investigate Gordon and Issie finally speaks her mind to Dan.

    Episode 306, "The Conspiracy." premieres Thursday, November 16th.

  • 304 - The Double Cross

    TV-PG. As the gang plot to unmask the trawler operation, they find evidence suggesting someone local is in league with the crew. Meanwhile, Issie confides in Gordon about her visions.

    Episode 305, "The Downfall," premieres Thursday, November 9th.

  • 303 - The Challenger

    TV-PG. Issie's reckless behaviour has disastrous consequences for one of the KP team. Gordon's intrigued when Issie draws a sea serpent statue that she's seen in her visions.

    Episode 304, "The Double-Cross," premieres Thursday, November 2nd.

  • Season 3 Premiere: 301 - The Intruder

    TV-PG. Emotions run high after Issie invites an unwelcome guest to Amanda's birthday party. The KP team have something to celebrate and Issie's confused by her latest visions from Mystic.

  • 302 - The Set-Up

    TV-PG. When tension between Dan and Issie starts affecting champs training, the KP gang decide to take action. Meanwhile, Mystic seems to be warning Issie about the illegal trawler.

    Episode 303, "The Challenge," premieres Thursday, October 26th.

  • Season Finale: 208 - The New Future

    TV-PG. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Issie puts her own life in danger to try and rescue Natasha whilst Tom finally accepts he has to sign the KP stables over to Ginty.

  • 207 - The Prophecy

    TV-PG. When scenes from Issie's visions seem to be happening in real life, the gang find themselves in a race against time to change the course of the future before tragedy strikes.

    Season Finale: Episode 208, "The New Future," premieres Thursday, February 16th.

  • 206 - The Reckoning

    TV-PG. It's crunch time for Dan when his leadership skills are tested. Angry with Issie, Gabe and Natasha act recklessly whilst Caleb learns some uncomfortable truths about his idol.

    Episode 207, "The Prophecy," premieres Thursday, February 9th.

  • 205 - The Betrayal

    TV-PG. Family secrets are revealed. Feeling betrayed by her friends, Issie is quick to retaliate when Bianca takes Blaze. Distracted by Gabe, Issie breaks a promise to Natasha.

    Episode 206, "The Reckoning," premieres Thursday, February 2nd.

  • 204 - The Doubt

    TV-PG. It looks like Caroline's hopes of becoming an Olympic rider are over after her loss to Nicole in the sand dunes race. Can the KP gang persuade her not to give up on her dream?

    Episode 205, "The Betrayal," premieres Thursday, January 26th.

  • 203 - The Wager

    TV-PG. Dulmoth Park have moved in and the escalating rivalry with the KP team ends in a secret race on the dunes. Meanwhile, Tom's in trouble when the racehorse goes missing.

    Episode 204, "The Doubt," premieres Thursday, January 19th.

  • 202 - The Deception

    TV-PG. The gang's attempt to stop Tom selling the stables backfires. Issie realises that she's seeing visions of the future. Misunderstandings cause problems between Issie and Dan.

    Episode 203, "The Wager," premieres Thursday, January 12th.

  • Season Premiere: 201 - The Tourist

    TV-PG. The gang uncovers a new threat to the forest and the wild herd. Issie's visions from Mystic become more mysterious than ever and a new arrival in town causes trouble for Issie and Dan.

  • Series Premiere: 101 - The Outsider

    TV-PG. Londoner Issie’s boring life in New Zealand suddenly gets exciting when she encounters a frightened horse running through the wilderness. But the horse is in danger and Issie realizes that it is up to her to save her.

  • 102 - The Bond

    TV-PG. Issie discovers that rescue horse Blaze has life-threatening injuries. When Tom insists that Blaze is impossible to tame, Issie refuses to give up on her.

  • 103 - The Sacrifice

    TV-PG. At the stables' Family Fun Day the kids compete with rival Dulmoth Park. When Issie’s visions become hard to ignore, her reckless behavior endangers her future at the stables.

    Episode 104, "The Tides," premieres Thursday, May 26th.

  • 104 - The Tides

    TV-PG. When Issie looks for Mystic on a remote beach, she finds an old treasure buried in the sand and connects it to her visions. When Issie and Caleb get trapped, secrets are revealed.

    Episode 105, "The Revenge," premieres Thursday, June 2nd.

  • 105 - The Revenge

    TV-PG Issie attends a party and humiliates herself by taking her revenge against Natasha too far. Meanwhile, Dan's grandmother may hold the key to Issie's shipwreck vision.

    Episode 106, "The Lost Herd," premieres Thursday, June 9th.

  • 106 - The Lost Herd

    TV-PG Issie gets a new vision of Mystic running through the forest along an old railway track and wonders if this might be the clue that will lead her to Blaze's herd.

    Episode 107, "The Switch," premieres Thursday, June 16th.

  • 107 - The Switch

    TV-PG Issie rides Blaze in the Cross-Country Trials against rivals Dulmoth Park - but is Caroline really fit enough to compete? And who spooked Blaze right before Issie's ride?

    Episode 108, "The Storm," premieres Thursday, June 23rd.