Heartland | Exclusive Season 15

Heartland | Exclusive Season 15

Heartland | Exclusive Season 15
  • Heartland
    15 seasons


    15 seasons

    Exclusive Season 15 - ONLY on UP Faith & Family
    This sprawling family saga takes place right on the range where an unfortunate tragedy has glued a family together to pull them through life's thick and thin moments. Follow young Amy Fleming as she slowly discovers she possesses her now-deceased mo...

  • Season 15 Finale: 1510 - Leaving a Legacy

    TV-PG. Amy comes into some money from an unexpected source and ultimately decides to donate it to the horse therapy centre to keep it thriving, re-naming the establishment in Ty’s honor. Meanwhile, Tim worries when Jessica returns from New York, but seems to be hiding something from him. Lisa’s r...

  • 1509 - The Long Game

    TV-PG. Amy enters Spartan into an endurance race after realizing he’s not ready to retire. Meanwhile, Jack is determined to gentle a stubborn, unbroken horse despite the family’s concern that it’s too dangerous, and Lou and Katie reveal their hidden feelings while on a mother/daughter camping trip.

  • 1508 - Brand New Day

    TV-PG. Hudson hosts a lumberjack competition and Amy must retrain a Clydesdale, and his owner, to not only compete in the draft horse race but also stave off retirement. Meanwhile, Tim throws his hat into the ring with the other lumberjack competitors and Lou tries to avoid a date with Fred Garla...

  • 1507 - Bluebird

    TV-PG. The man who shot Ty returns to Hudson and Amy and the rest of the family grapple with how to react. Jessica enlists Katie and Parker's help to deal with a demanding Dude Ranch guest while Lou is away.

  • 1506 - Happy Ever After

    TV-PG. Tim and Jessica's "small party" snowballs. Lou struggles to hide a revived past relationship from the family. Amy and Logan continue to work with the wild horse.

  • 1505 - Blood and Water

    TV-PG. Amy and Shadow find themselves in jeopardy on a cattle drive. Lou feels overlooked when the issue of Heartland Beef's succession plan is raised. Parker and Katie babysit Lyndy and things go awry.

  • 1504 - Sins of the Father

    TV-PG. After a break-in at Heartland, unwelcome memories of his father flood Jack, Amy and Logan work with a wild horse, and Tim and Parker form an unlikely duo to find the stolen goods.

  • 1503 - Bad Moon Rising

    TV-PG. Amy discovers a teen with a gift for horses at Cooper’s therapy center, Lou is pressured to shut the center down over recent break-ins and Lisa has Jack install a security system with Parker’s “help”.

  • 1502 - Runaway

    TV-PG. A wild stallion escapes from Sam’s ranch during a burglary and Amy will stop at nothing to find him. Lisa’s latest business investment is at risk. Tim and Jessica adjust to life back at Heartland.

  • Season 15 Premiere: 1501 - Moving Toward the Light

    TV-PG. Amy must help a skeptical performer and her pair of matched liberty horses work together again. Jack unexpectedly buys Mitch’s herd of cattle. Tim returns from his trip with a surprise for everyone.

  • Heartland: Behind the Scenes

    1 season

    UP Faith & Family Presents Heartland EXCLUSIVES! In this series of behind-the-scenes features, join the cast and crew from the set for an "insiders" look at all things Heartland.

  • Heartland: Reliving the Moments


    UP Faith & Family Presents a Heartland EXCLUSIVE! Join Amy Flemming herself (Amber Marshall) as we relive the most special, most memorable, fan-favorite moments from the past 13 seasons of Heartland.

  • Love in Harmony Valley


    Emma has waited to reunite with her best friend Tracey at the hospital following an accident, but Will, Tracey's brother, won't allow it, blaming her for the accident. TV-G

  • Heartland: Through the Years

    TV-PG. Heartland is the longest-running family drama of the modern era. In celebration of its 200th episode milestone, the cast and crew share special memories and incredible moments that will make you laugh, cry, and ask for more Heartland.

  • Season 13 Recap

    TV-PG. See some of the most eventful moments of season 13 as Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, and other members of the cast and crew take us behind the scenes.

  • Women of Heartland

    TV-PG. Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, and Showrunner Heather Conkie share how strong women contribute to the success of Heartland, America's longest-running family drama of the modern era.

  • “On the Set” with Heartland’s Amber Marshall - The Barn


    Join Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) for a Heartland exclusive behind-the-scene tour of “The Barn.”   

  • Characters

    TV-PG. How have the characters of Heartland evolved? The cast and crew give us an up close look at the development of some of the prominent figures of season 13.

  • “On the Set” with Heartland’s Amber Marshall - The Loft


    Join Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) for a Heartland exclusive behind-the-scene tour of “The Loft.”   

  • “On the Set” with Heartland’s Amber Marshall - The Ranch House


    Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) shares exclusive set secrets of the Heartland “Ranch House.”

  • Production Design

    TV-PG. From the spectacular magical landscapes to aesthetically designed locations, Production Designer Trevor Smith shares his visual concepts for season 13.

  • “On the Set” with Heartland’s Amber Marshall - The Vet Clinic


    Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) shares exclusive set secrets of the Heartland “Veterinary Clinic.”    

  • A Heartland Christmas


    With Peter away for Christmas, Lou goes into overdrive trying to make sure that everyone on Heartland Ranch has the best Christmas ever. But when an avalanche traps a group of starving horses Amy and Ty do everything they can to save them, even if it means almost missing Lou's perfect Christmas.